Welcome to the Nanoyou Schools Community!

Welcome to this very special community for the Nanoyou schools and the Nanoyou pilot schools, the ambassadors of the project.

As member of this community, you have the opportunity to exchange best practices and learn more from your peers on how to teach Nanoscience in your school using the Nanoyou resources. 

The pilot schools of the Nanoyou project are already experienced in using Nanoyou materials in class and organising Nanoyou events. They are the ambassadors on this community and ready to share their best practices in the Nanoyou Ambassadors section. 

On the homepage, you have access to the latest information on the activities organised by the Nanoyou team for the schools in the News, you can check the next events in the Calendar and see the latest post from the Nanoyou blog

The community also offers a Forum area to discuss with your colleagues and a Library area to search and share useful documents. 

To start your activities on the Nanoyou Schools Community, please go to the Members area, download your welcome pack and introduce yourself in the message boards. 

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How to post on Nanoyou blog?

 The steps to follow to post on Nanoyou blog are below:

1. Go to the blog publishing platform at http://blog.eun.org

2. Login info (Username and the Password): Username: pilot_school
Password: nano4u

3. Click on the title of the blog: Nanoyou Schools blog under the main
title My webblogs.

4. Click on “New entry” under Posting in the left hand side menu

5. Select a Primary Category. You should select the topic of your article
(e.g. about Nanoyou)

6. Insert a title

7. Insert a text in the Entry body (the text that will be visible from the
main page of the blog)

8. Insert a text in the Extended Entry (the text that will be visible when
clicking on read more at the end of the Entry body)

9. Please don’t forget to sign the article as you will all post with the
same account, it will be the only way to identify you.

10. Select Published in the Post status at the bottom of the page

11. Save your post by clicking on the save button at the bottom of the

How to register

Click the button at the top right "Welcome" in the drop down select "Sign in".

Registration requires an OpenID. If you have an OpenID you can enter it here. If not, you can create one via the link "Create account".

Once you have signed in with your OpenID you can then register in the Nanoyou community via the "Registration" tab in the menu along the top.

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